I offer professional recording, mixing, mastering, and consultation for Record Labels, independent artists and advertising agencies. I offer you my ears, my personal attention to the project, my high end studio and all of my experience.

Every single project that I work on is my business card and this guarantees that I take the best care I can to provide you the highest possible quality.

You can simply send me your music, movies and reference text files and receive mixed versions from me. I’m also keeping all client materials in my archive for at least 1 year in case we would need any recalls (I can also keep them longer on a special request). If you want to change anything after the mix is done, we can easily recall your session and provide necessary edits anytime.

Because of the quality studio gear I have, many of my clients use my mixes as a final stage of the production. You will receive a final master, as a radio ready mix, which has been already mastered by me.

You decide how you want to work with me and you choose the formats of the final mixes that will be delivered, including 3-piece stem files.

I charge by a song, so that when we will work together you won’t have to worry about the time I’ve spent and believe me I spend a lot of time on every song.

My service includes:
-having fan in the studio as we rehearse,
-Main song
-a fair amount of mix recalls if needed

You get wav version and  a high quality, full stereo 320 mp3 version.

The song can be mastered by me (price remains the same) or mixed to master by some1 else.

I charge studio time and engineer’s fee between … I’m sure we can work something out :)

Track consultation and valuation of the project is included in the ''small'' office work fee.

Song consultation and valuation is included in the engineer’s fee.


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