Dominic Khaemba - Singer/ song-writer, multi-talented instrumentalist and Producer…

Many believe that he is a multi-talented performer and producer whose success is rooted in his academic aptitude and artistic genius of being innovative, relevant and authentic.

He discovered his passion for singing and playing musical instruments at the tender age of six. “I was intrigued by the musical skills of a maternal uncle, who offered tutelage from an early age”. With support from family and teachers, Dominic pursued music in primary and high school, where he began formal training in keyboard, piano and recorder at the age of thirteen. He would later lead the school band during Kenya Music Festival competitions, where we excelled to national levels. The young Dominic also participated in the Kenya Music Festivals as a solo entrant, performing a traditional African instrument, the Litungu, and also excelled.

After high school, he used the basics of music theory to learn the guitar, drums, music production, music technology and engineering. As an active chorister, trainer and a useful band member of his local church, All Nations Gospel Church; Doonholm, he grow his talent very fast and was able to express his art with a lot of dynamism.

He later joined Maseno University for a music degree course, and successfully used the knowledge to compose and record his own music and that of others. “I was a reliable member of the Maseno University Band. After graduating from Maseno, upon invitation, I never hesitated to perform with the band on many other occasions. I furthered my hands-on training and research in Music Production, acoustics, sound reinforcement and Engineering and successfully produced over 150 songs, some of which are my own compositions.” The themes in his compositions range from Gospel, Patriotic to those of topical issues such as children’s rights and those on social themes. With his vast knowledge in music technology, he has drawn sound reinforcement budgets for Kabarak and Maseno Universities and set up high profile sound reinforcement systems for the concerts that he has held.

His leadership qualities have reflected through the developing of the AgelessMuzik music concept, where he raised teams with whom he worked to produce award winning music. His professional experience and having a team-work spirit have enabled him stand out at his places of work. He served as a Music Assistant at Kabarak University and his contributions to the musical culture in the university were recognized by H. E the Second president, Daniel T. Arap Moi and the Kabarak community. He fused contemporary music styles with the choral tradition, curving out a unique proficiency in the field, earning him further recognition by the Permanent Presidential Music Commission.

The most recent works that have increased his presence in the music industry include; Pitson, Jemimah Thiong'o, Mercy Wairegi, The Adawnage Band and ZIDI The Band. His sound signature in production is characterized by clarity, deep stereo image and acoustic creativity of the stage brought into his recordings. He has videos playing on various radio and television stations, and on YouTube media.

Besides teaching music and music technology, he is currently pursuing a Masters in the field of contemporary Music composition even as he uses his technology skills in music production and sound reinforcement to assist others find a bearing in the Music industry. He recently participated in drawing of new courses of Maseno University in the field of Music production, technology, sound reinforcement and Church Music, which have been missing in the Kenyan curriculum.

The passionate music scholar aspires to further his education in music and technology so that he may be a relevant contributor to the Kenyan music industry, through research, consultancy, music performance, production, composition and music education.

Dominic believes that nothing comes without vision, work, dedication, passion and everlasting faith in God. He is thankful to have the support of his family, friends and fans. He is determined to make his dreams a reality.

He is currently working on a single, after which an album shall soon follow. This new album is an inspiration to Kenyans to look deep within their hearts and be grateful for their great country and for each other; “Only then can we achieve any collective vision”. Be on the lookout for this exciting new artist !!!

Professional Experience in Brief - Top 20 Projects and Artist

  1. Kabarak University
  2. Maseno University
  3. Daystar University
  4. Technical University
  5. AgelessMuzik Director
  6. State House Performing Artist
  7. Equity Bank staff Anthem
  8. Jemimmah Thiong’o
  9. Adawnage Band
  10. ZIDI The Band
  11. Rochester University - U.S.A  (11 PROJECTS)
  12. Africa Children’s Musical – U.S.A (8 projects)
  13. Pitson (Lingala ya Yesu Re-mix plus 7 more projects)
  14. Allan Aron
  15. Book Author (Kabarak University Publishers)
  16. Mulei Supermarket jingles
  17. Artists United (Bonyeza Project)
  18. Over 40 Music Artists
  19. Over 50 songs written and over 200 Music Performances
  20. Over 200 songs produced




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