Gift = seed

Seeds plus nurturing = Tree

The future of the seed is never ahead of it, it is inside of it. Your future is not ahead of you, it is inside of you.

Secret; find your gift, it’s your seed; not your food. In fact, do not expect to earn from your gift. Invest that gift. Let it grow. It will bear fruit. Seeds are never for eating. As a matter of fact, seeds have protective chemicals which when eaten, you die. Did you know that?  Plant the seed. Going to school and growing up is part of the opportunity to sow your seed.

When it grows into a tree, you will definitely have worked at it. How long the tree will bear fruit, and how valuable the fruits will be depends on the tree, and that also dictates how much work and patience you need to put in. A mango tree, which is perennial, will take longer to mature, yet give you fruit for a lifetime. Other seasonal trees require just a few weeks to mature, yet harvest time requires both the fruit and the stem…!!! Make up your mind to either sow seasonal or perennial seeds. Never give up and later return the seed to our Master. Remember the story of the 3 servants in the Bible? The one who returned what he was given was cursed and called unfaithful and lazy.

Money? Well, something about trees. When they have borne fruit, they remain right where they are and it is others who go to the tree to harvest. Lesson? Once you have your gift yielding fruit, you will be sort after, and people will pay for your fruit.

It is not enough to be gifted…your gift is for deployment, not employment. Do not go to school hoping to find employment, but rather opening your opportunities to sow your seed, growing it and bearing fruit.

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