1. Only a limited number of performers can attain star status, of course, so it is fortunate that the music business system offers many opportunities for individuals needed to help make the system function.

2. No performer today can ascend to stardom or hang there in orbit without an array of qualified supporting satellites. Whether as a star or as one of the myriad categories of supporting players, many (although not all) ambitious newcomers do make it. Why: Luck? Timing? Education? Networking skills? These factors have helped launch many successful careers in both the creative and business ends of the field.

3. Four other factors contribute to the success of those who “win”in the music business:
a. They are strongly motivated; they really want to win.
b. They are talented—and they surround themselves with talented associates.
c. They persevere; they hang in there until they succeed.
d. They get the important information. The first three items depend totally on you.

If they are in place, then I can (By the Grace of God,) deal with The fourth: The music business offers excellent career opportunities for the really talented individual, provided that individual gets the important information—and acts on it of course.

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