Money: For the Musician. 


That which separates the 'Haves' and the 'Have-nots'… but what is money to a musician?

Half of the ones I know are in debt, and have little savings. Some have no savings at all. Less than 10% can fund 1 year of their retirement from their career as musicians. Is the Music Business evaporating? Is it already dead? Well, I wouldn’t be here if the later and former were true…!!

You see, am in a great mood so am going to put out some secrets I know about MONEY for the musicians out there. Many of us just have a flawed understanding about money and music. Is it a medium of exchange for goods and services? 70 bob for a song and 100 for an Album? Or is money an intangible security or happiness, a peace of mind?


A third and difficult perspective for many musicians to grasp is that MONEY may actually be a measuring device. You see, how much money you accumulate is not a function of who is president, or the economy or bubbles busting…or bad breaks or bosses. IT’S ABOUT the WORK ETHIC. In fact, let me pour out broken pieces of glasses for the barefooted ‘Gospel’ musicians. Yes. I said it…  the musician who is either born again or just thinks he/ she is born again because they are ‘being used of God’ in a ministry somewhere… The deepest longing of every human soul is for peace. And I can say many of these fellows don’t have peace and they don’t distribute it either. They gossip the Church and the Pastors, They are gossiped about …and the vicious cycle continues….hah…

There are many ways in which the supreme good may be represented, but perhaps none of them is so lovely, and exercises such universal fascination of attraction, as that which presents it in the form of rest. It is an eloquent testimony to the unrest which tortures every heart that the promise of peace should to all seem so fair.

Decide to Work and invest in your Family’s future. Take responsibility for those actions.

Patience, knowledge, Skill and sacrifice. All these things have ONE thing in common: CHOICES. Money is not peace of mind but it can give you some, neither is it happiness…

Money, to the musician., at it’s very definition, that mesure of  MUSICIAN’S CHOICES,.

  • ringing (adj): a ringing voice is very loud and clear
  • rough (adj): a rough voice is not soft and is unpleasant to listen to
  • shrill (adj): a shrill voice is very loud, high, and unpleasant
  • silvery (adj): this voice is clear, light, and pleasant
  • singsong (adj): if you speak in a singsong voice, your voice rises and falls in a musical way
  • small (adj): a small voice is quiet
  • smoky (adj): a smoky voice is sexually attractive in a slightly mysterious way
  • softly spoken (adj): someone who is softly spoken has a quiet, gentle voice
  • soft-spoken (adj): speaking or said in a quiet, gentle voice
  • sotto voce (adj, adv): in a very quiet voice

No performer today can ascend to stardom or hang there in orbit without an array of qualified supporting satellites. Whether as a star or as one of the myriad categories of supporting players, many (although not all) ambitious newcomers do make it. Why:

It is not enough to be gifted…your gift is for deployment, not employment. Do not go to school hoping to find employment, but rather opening your opportunities to sow your seed, growing it and bearing fruit.

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