A trained ear for music is crucial, as is the ability to aptly communicate your vision to your creative partners and Artists. You’ll find these at AgelessMuzik.

AgelessMuzik is one of Kenya’s finest Music Production concepts and is also the creative play space of music producer and composer Dominic Khaemba.  It is housed in an impressively equipped UAD Apollo-based studio in Nairobi.

I am in my 10th year of working with clients who range from solo artists to full bands. Our collection of instruments and gear are mostly the ultra-modern type. AgelessMuzik is a concept of Music production with the expertise, equipment, and professionalism of any professional international production concept, and also affords all the comfort of a relaxed, familial space. Our staff is obsessed with good songs and good sounds. Our space is creative and playful. The goal of giving clients a unique experience and world-class production experience explains why they keep coming back and in many cases, become good friends.




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